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20 of the World's Most Famous Paintings

What is Art? It could be described as a reflection of civilization. Indeed, many paintings reflect the cultural values of...Read More

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10 Events that Led to the Cold War

The Cold War of 1945 to 1990 was a rivalry developed at the end of World War II between the Eastern bloc countries and the Western powers. The term "Cold War" is used...Read More

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List of Pirate Ranks and Responsibilities

The ultimate authority on a pirate ship was the "pirate council," which included every man on the ship. But even pirate ships needed a Captain...Read More

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Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins are a classification of the most severe sins, according to the Catholic Church. The list of vices is called deadly because...Read More

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List of 12 Early Flying Machines

Today we can fly in many ways using a wide variety of flying machines. In 1961, we managed to reach...Read More

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List of 10 Incredible Extinct Animals

Scientists estimate that over 500 million species have died out throughout evolution, representing over 99.9 percent of...Read More

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9 of the Most Devastating Medieval Weapons

Medieval weapons, that is, weapons of the European Middle Ages. The most used weapons were...Read More

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9 of the Most Important Viking Leaders

"Grant us, God, protection from the savage Vikings" a prayer written by Charles the Bald, a French King, when his nation was...Read More

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Top 10 Castles in the United Kingdom

Current researchers debate what the term "castle" covers, but generally consider it "a fortified place of residence." For hundreds of years, England...Read More

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Top 9 Pirate Ships from the Golden Age of Piracy

Popular culture adores pirates, especially the iconic figures from the golden age of piracy. Our fascination with these notorious outlaws seems to last for...Read More

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Top 10 Romantic Era Composers

The romantic period which lasted from the late 18th-century until well into the 19th-century, was jumpstarted by the British Industrial Revolution, which led to...Read More

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10 Stonehenge Facts and Information about its History

There are countless legends about the origin of Stonehenge and its purpose, but it remains one of the world's great enigmas. Who...Read More

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Top 10 Ancient Famous Philosophers

Here is our list of top 10 famous philosophers that laid the foundations for the modern world...Read More

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10 Defining Characteristics of Gothic Architecture

The Gothic technique - extending from the 12th to 16th centuries - was a predominant architectural style of the...Read More

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15 Defining Parts of a Castle

Castles developed over an extensive period of five centuries. The word itself came from the Latin "castellum" meaning...Read More

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10 Events that Led to the End of World War I

Officially World War I ended with the Armistice of November 11, 1918. However, there were numerous events, some of which even took place in the previous year, that...Read More

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List of 9 Fascinating Medieval Creatures

Legendary creatures such as dragons and unicorns hold a special place in the popular culture of our time. Images of horrifying beasts we can meet in...Read More